Dyslexia & Creativity, with his Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Presented to his Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and members of the general public on 'The Evolution of Complementary Cognition' as well as 'Dyslexia & Creativity in the UK'

Talk, Clarion, Stockholm

Talk showing that dyslexia is not a disorder, but rather a neurocognitive specialisation that plays an integral role in how our species adapts. 

Introductory film to the event here.

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide, The Dyslexic Advantage, USA
Thomas G. West, author and lecturer, USA
Prof. Gunnar Bjursell, professor of molecular genetics and molecular biology at the University of Gothenburg.
Gustav Källstrand, historian and Nobel Prize expert, Sweden
Susanna Cederquist, author and lecturer and the event organiser, Sweden

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