Inside Out

Kate and Kathy are leading an INSIDE OUT group action, a peoples art project called: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds.
The artist JR called for the creation of a global participatory art project, with the potential to change the world with art. This project is called INSIDE OUT.
INSIDE OUT: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds project’s aim is to show the world the strengths that come with being dyslexic. 
Dyslexics especially thrive in the creative industries, with 1 in 4 entrepreneurs and 1 in 3 Art students, being dyslexic.
This is a global group action, with the final art installations be shown in August 2021, in London at the Design Museum, Kensington, and a secret location to be disclosed in San Francisco.
Our group action statement.
Inside Out: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds.
Imagine a world where dyslexia is understood as a hyperablility rather than a disability. We aim to change the negative connotation of the word dyslexia. The portraits are of dyslexics who embrace their difference, use their dyslexic thinking, and focus on dyslexic strengths; like creativity, problem-solving, empathy, and seeing in three dimensions. Society needs these kinds of thinkers. When dyslexics find jobs they love, with hard work, collaboration, and technology they fly.
Last call for dyslexics wishing to join us as participants is 28 June 2021. Limited space available.

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