Move Beyond Words

Move Beyond Words amplifies the voice of artists with dyslexia through live dance works, events, films and a podcast.

Elizabeth and Charlotte are launching a second series of their podcast, Move Beyond Words, in Sept 2021 which will include high profile guests working in the creative sector. They will be highlighting their journeys and how they have learnt to dance (not literally) with the label of dyslexia.  

Charlotte & Elizabeth’s past commissions such as our film UN[BOX]ED have been shared at the Royal Opera House, V&A and on BBC also within publications such as the Guardian. 

They continue to find unique and innovative ways to connect with their audience and highlight the importance of a dyslexic mind to mainstream culture.

UN[BOX]ED – a short dance film about the stigma of dyslexia

UN[BOX]ED is  short film starring solo dancer Kirubel Belay, directed and choreographed by Move Beyond Words founders and artistic directors Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds, and set to an original score by Tony Nwachuku.

All members of the creative team dance with the label of dyslexia. UN[BOX]ED explores one person’s journey as they deal with the stigmas connected to Dyslexia through dance. In society, those with dyslexia are often boxed into what people perceive our abilities to be.

When we peel back the layers – who decides who we really are and who creates the box we so often are told we fit within?

This is a Move Beyond Words film and has been made with support from Arts Council England, Royal Opera House and British Dyslexia Association.

Dancer: Kirubel Belay Co-Directed & Co-Choreographed by: Elizabeth Arifien & Charlotte Edmonds Producer: Rob Gerrard Composer: Tony Nwachukwu Cinematographer: Alan Johnson Set Design: Aidan Ridyard Editor: Thomas Bridgen Assistant Producer: Hannah Gibbs 1st Assistant Camera: James Du Plessis Stylist: Kirubel Belay Costume Design: KA WA KEY Colourist: Benjamin Rozario Graphic Design: Alex Colehan Photographer: Louis Headlam Runners: Sam Allen, Richard Pye, Olivia West Alvarez A film by Move Beyond Words With special thanks: Diana Roy Studio Wayne McGregor Pirate Studios Final Cut Supported by: Arts Council England Royal Opera House British Dyslexia Association

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